Five-Year Dental Warranty


Your Smile Protection

It's good for your smile

It's great for your peace-of-mind

This coverage protects the investment you've made in your smile on qualifying cosmetic, restorative, and removable treatments.

Summary of Your Coverage

* PEACE-OF-MIND for an extended period of time (usually five years) on your restorative, cosmetic and other qualifying procedures.

* LIFE-PROOF your smile by keeping your covered restorations in good conditions and working order.

* NO COST maintenance of covered restorations up to the amount of your original fee for that work.

* FOLLOW YOUR SMILE - Redeem your coverage with any dentist if you move or are traveling.

* CONSTANT ASSURANCE - during insurance wait periods, your smile is protected.

Terms and conditions apply. See complete details on the official agreement below.

Dental Treatment Maintenance Agreement

This Agreement is made by Dentist or Dental Practice ("Dentist") to Patient, as the parties are identified in the Patient Information forms.

Coverage: Subject to the terms and conditions stated below, Dentist or Dental Practice ("Dentist") agrees to provide care and services to Patient reasonably necessary to maintain Patient's Covered Treatment(s) in good condition and working order. This is a contract of limited duration that provides for scheduled maintenance only. Beginning after the Treatment Date, Patient is entitled to Dental Treatment Maintenance as prescribed by Dentist for the duration of this agreement.

Limitation on Value: Dentist shall provide the care and services necessary to maintain Patient's Covered Treatment(s) in good condition and working order at no charge to Patient up to a value equal to the Treatment Cost.

Treatment Cost is the total amount paid to Dentist by or on behalf of Patient for the Dental Treatment subject to maintenance under this agreement. If the cost of maintenance exceeds Treatment Cost, Dentist will deduct the Treatment Cost paid from the charges associated with necessary additional or alternative treatment(s).

Term: Coverage of Covered Treatments begins on the Treatment Completion Date and expires after five years.

Terms and Conditions

Covered Treatment: One or more of the Treatments Eligible For Coverage provided to Patient by Dentist on the date(s) indicated in the Treatment Information section, above.

Treatments Eligible For Coverage: Permanent restorative, cosmetic, or removable treatment may be eligible. Consult your Dentist to determine which of your dental treatments are eligible for coverage.

Patient's Responsibilities: During the Term of this Agreement, the Patient must: (1) maintain good personal dental hygiene as prescribed by Dentist, (2) attend all scheduled appointments prescribed by Dentist, including completing regular hygiene appointments with Dentist, and (3) maintain his or her account in good standing (complete all scheduled payments).

How to Obtain Care and Service: To redeem coverage under this Agreement, Patient must (1) notify Dentist of any issue within a reasonable time after discovery (not to exceed 7 days) and (2) schedule and attend maintenance appointments with Dentist at which Dentist will take or schedule necessary action. Patient's failure to timely notify Dentist of an issue, or failure to appear for a schedule appointment is grounds for voiding coverage. Rescheduling is permitted if required by Patient or Dentist.

Follows Yours Smile Benefit: If Patient is unable to return to Dentist due to travel or change in residence of more than 100 miles, contact DWC toll-free at (800) 691-7234 to received a referral to a local dental practice, or have your new dental practice contact DWC on your behalf.

What is Not Covered: This Agreement does not cover: Treatments other than Covered Treatments; Preexisiting conditions; Loss of a removable prosthetic or appliance; Bad fit of a prosthetic or appliance due to new restorations or changes in occlusion; Cosmetic discoloration; Failure of a Covered Treatment due to: failure of Patient to comply with his or her Patient Responsibilities, medical conditions resulting from substance abuse, treatments not performed by Dentist.

Disclaimer / Remedy Limitation / Damages Exclusion: This Agreement is a complete statement of Dentist's obligations. Dentist makes no other warranties, writeen or express. Unless prohibited by the governing law, all implied warranties, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are excluded. Patient's sole recovery for breach of this Agreement or any implied warranty shall be damages in an amount not to exceed Treatment Cost, that is, the amount paid to Dentist for a failed Covered Treatment. In no event shall Dentist be liable for incidental or consequential damages.


Other Available Coverage: Dentist reserves the right to require Patient to submit claims on Covered Treatment(s) under any available insurance or other medical or accidental health benefit programs prior to obtaining service under this Agreement. Disput Resolution: If a dispute arises between Patient and Dentist relating to coverage or performance under Agreement, Patient must contact Administrator at (800) 691-7234 and register a complaint. Administrator will work respectfully and diligently with Patient and Dentist to resolve the complain within 30 days. If the complain is no resoved withint 30 days, Patient agrees to participate in mediation before a mutually agreeable newtral mediator prior to pursuing any other legal remedy. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you many have other rights that vary in certain states. This Agreement is not an insurance policy.

Administrator: This Dental Warranty Protection Plan is administered by Dental Warranty Corp. ("DWC"), (800) 691-7234, Contact DWC with questions about available coverage or to report any problems.

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